There are a number of names that I added to my watchlist today.

ABNB: 150 Long

GME: 295.5–300 Long

BABA: 220 Long

BYND: 150 Long

AI: 76.85 Long

SNOW: 248.2…

  1. Markets opened with a gap down. For the last couple of weeks, the trend has been lost in the broader markets. Many names are stuck between channels. TSLA is acting strong still by not dropping to the lows seen in the first part of the month. Hence, I was looking for a bounce play at the open in many names. TSLA always has both volume and range, therefore my focus on the open was on TSLA.
  2. Prior to the open, I identified that 615 is a level that I could enter for a long with defined risk per trade. …

Consistency of “positive results” is more important than the size of the “positive results”.

Process is more important than focusing on the numerical goalposts. In other words, it’s more important to think and plan the correct way of action rather than trying to hit certain targets.

The main objective of any trader must be the planning and execution of a trade plan. However, human brain functions in a different way and we often mistake the end result for a process.

I have struggled with this disease when I always started with the number in mind then went searching for ways to achieve this number.

For example, I would say to myself that my goal…

From today (March 22, 2021) and onwards, I will be doing my best to publish my daily trades here on Medium along with my short analysis.

There are two reasons…

There was only one trade taken today. The set up was classic of BO from the important historical level then we place our SL and TP and just waited…

However, we could only score 1.63R as the stock just didn’t have juice to make it all the way to 3135 before the end of the trading day.

Talgat Akhmetov

Investor. Business analyst. Dad. Husband. Speculator.

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